Support my work via the various levels of membership on PATREON! Or support via the individual offerings below, which you can purchase through Paypal: sheresefrancis1[at}; Venmo: afutureancient1; or Cashapp: $afutureancient1 



 Digital Copy of Lucy’s Bone Scrolls: The Black Speculative Mystery School — $10


sherese_2nd chapbook

Digital Copy of Variations on Sett/ling Seed/ling — $5



Digital Copy of

JAZZ: Jamaica Zpace Ztation Zine $10



Digital Copy of

Naming Magic SAME Zine — $10



I&I: Dancing Crab Di/Vine of Div/Ine

Words and stories are like shells, they store life within them. What inspires your story? What information are you meant to receive? Receive a BreakTale: Personal Tarot Reading Poem & Zign To Use For Meditation and Creative Prompting.

Ask a Question and Receive Your Own Oracle Poem & Symbol — $20 for Poem; $25 with Personal Symbol




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