Sisters of the Revolution…

I remember randomly coming across this video while looking up information on Lisa Nicole Carson and what happened to her because she seemed to have disappeared from film. This is an Apollo History Moment, which was part of Apollo Comedy Hour, in the ’90s. It stars Lisa Nicole Carson and Paula Jai Parker in the form […]

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What Is Afrofuturism? Part 2

Alondra Nelson speaks about afrofuturism and the concepts embedded within it, such as alienation, modernity, subjectivity, utopia, and speculation, in a Feed interview. She also mention different musical acts who explored afrofuturism, such as Sun Ra, George Clinton, Janelle Monae, Prince and Labelle (Patti Labelle, Nona Hendyx, Cindy Birdsong). Source: Kunst and Xoias 

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Modern Griots: Adia Tamar Whitaker

Adia Tamar Whitaker is a San Franciscan dancer, choreographer and vocalist, and was artistic director of artistic director of the Brooklyn-based dance theatre ensemble, Ase Dance Theater Collective. For years, she has performed contemporary and Afro-Haitian dance styles, was part of the Afro-Haitian dance company Group Petit La Croix and taught workshops and master classes. In 2008, […]

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Thoughts on Columbus Day….

Burning Spear– Christopher Columbus Is a Damned Blasted Liar… My dad, who is from Dominica, has always sung that song to me when we discuss Christopher Columbus. It is amazing to him how someone can discover somewhere that was already inhabited by people. This man had a huge effect on history, but not as the […]

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History of Racism

Yesterday I watched this BBC documentary on racism. It included information on the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Imperialism, Colonialism, Scientific racism, Social Dawinism, Eugenics, genocides (as one of the speakers called it, “bureaucratization of killing”), racist experiments (ex. mass sterilization), fear of immigration, different ethnicities and lower classes, and economic, cultural and political disenfranchisement, and how […]

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African Heat

DJ Voodoo Funk posted a mix of some great Funk/Afro-beat music from Ghana and Nigeria. Here is the link to the music and the track listing: 00:00 The Uppers -dankasa 03:30 Roy Hamilton -jack jones 06:40 Gyadu Blay Ambolley -sikape 12:14 De Frank -waiting for my baby 16:33 The Cutlass Band -obiara wondo 19:08 The Strangers […]

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