Modern Griots: John Jennings

John Jennings, who describes himself as a “a professional bender of time,” and is an associate professor in visual studies at University at Buffalo, blends together the worlds of comics, hip-hop and racial discourse. Here is some of his article from Buffalo’s website: John Jennings centers his life on provocative questions: How can we show the […]

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Moving on the Wires: Bard Exhibition

Curator Andrew Rebatta sent me information on the Sunday opening of exhibitions at Bard College. He and six other student curators will be presenting their exhibitions. If you live near Bard and want to attend, this is the website for more information and directions. Here is Rebatta’s thesis exhibition: Donna Huanca “The myth is neither […]

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The My-Stery: Images of Mami Wata

The more I study mythology, religions and popular culture, the more I realize the mythological symbolism in a lot of popular culture. For example, in two of Aaliyah’s last videos, “We Need a Resolution” and “Rock the Boat.” The video for the first song contains scenes where she appears to be in a underground setting […]

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