Otherworldly Videos: Soul Man

Guillaume Ivernel and Blacklight Movies are producing a film project called, Soul Man, which includes a sci-fi hero with an awesome afro. Shadow and Act did an article on the upcoming film, which the company plans to release in 2014.

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I Could Dance, Dance, Dance All Night…

Pierre Bennu’s (Exit the Apple) “Sun Moon Child” video highlights the connections between various black dance styles throughout history. Soda Jerk created a video, Tap Hop, which compares jazz tap dance and hip-hop breakdance. African dance has been a major influence not  only throughout the African Diapora, but also throughout popular culture in general. The […]

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Originally posted on The AntiJemima Life:
If a video drops in a forest of things that seem to matter a lot–like  fingers waving in presidential faces and self-deportation–does it make a sound? Nicki Minaj dropped “Stupid Hoe” last week. Maybe I’m too old to have my thumb on the relevant spaces in the interwebs, but it seems like the…

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Haiti, Voodoo and Rebuilding…

Black Public Media released a video about the historical and present-day misconceptions about Voodoo. A voodoo priest, or hougan, Ati, gives a more accurate description of what voodoo is and its place in the rebuilding of Haiti after the earthquake. To learn more about the Haitian culture, please visit ZOE Magazine/Defend Haiti.

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Otherwordly Videos: Alaalo

An African Epic. Alaalo (Someone Has a Story), is a short film by a Pratt Institute student, David Adeogun. The coming-of-age film deals with a “group of young African American children and their mentor, and their various struggles as young black people in a culture where Africa is hardly talked about.” To watch the whole […]

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Modern Griots: Ayiti Resurrect

Carmen Mojica posted about Ayiti Resurrect, a grassroots organization whose work is centered around helping to rebuild Haiti: “Ayiti Resurrect is a team of visionary artists, community builders, mental health specialists, and holistic healers with bloodlines in Haiti and the African Diaspora. We have organized ourselves as a grassroots delegation working in collaboration with local […]

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