Forgetting Why We Remember

Today is Memorial Day and while many of us celebrate the holiday with barbecues and trips to the beach, I think it is also important to remember the solemn history behind this holiday. In today’s New York Times, David W. Blight published an article recounting the origins of Memorial Day after the Civil War through […]

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Lose Control!

via The Ase Fountain “AfroFutures. Postmodern Ancients. Spoek Mathambo – Control This is such a great video, it can be read on so many levels. A South African cover version of an English tune (Joy Division – She’s Lost Control) to me it plays with the kinds of images that signal a terrible, fearful ‘voodoo’ to the […]

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Jon Stewart, I Love You!

This is why I believe it is important to put things into context, including historical context. It provides for a better argument. Jon Stewart of The Daily Show totally owned Bill O’ Reilly on his own Fox News show. He could not even properly answer Stewart’s questions; he looked like a complete and utter fool. Also, […]

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Backslide to the Moonwalk

I remember growing up how I gazed in amazement when I saw Michael Jackson doing this move. Every time I tried to do it, I felt I could never do it justice, my feet would always find it hard to slide back properly. To this day, I think Michael Jackson is one of the greatest […]

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Postmamboism: History Through Music

“Open your ears to hear words, songs and other important matters.” Last week, while looking up poetry from the Harlem Renaissance writers, and the Jazz drummer, Art Blakey, for my honors thesis, I stumbled upon a piece by Ned Sublette wrote two years ago about his theory of “Postmamboism:” “…Postmamboism is closely allied with (but not […]

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