A Look Back/Into the Future

This year has been packed with a lot of ups and downs, but it has also open a few unexpected doors for me that I cannot wait to see come into form next year. So here is a list of my favorite posts I did this year, so you can look back too before we […]

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I Am Thankful for Having Empathy…

On this Thanksgiving day, while we spend time together with family and friends, eat and be thankful for everything, I still want everyone to be knowledgeable of the myth of the origin of the holiday: For more information, check out Susan Bates’ website, Oyate post, Lies My Teacher Told Me book website, NPR story and countless […]

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Thoughts on Columbus Day….

Burning Spear– Christopher Columbus Is a Damned Blasted Liar… My dad, who is from Dominica, has always sung that song to me when we discuss Christopher Columbus. It is amazing to him how someone can discover somewhere that was already inhabited by people. This man had a huge effect on history, but not as the […]

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Forgetting Why We Remember

Today is Memorial Day and while many of us celebrate the holiday with barbecues and trips to the beach, I think it is also important to remember the solemn history behind this holiday. In today’s New York Times, David W. Blight published an article recounting the origins of Memorial Day after the Civil War through […]

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