The M(N)STRY: “How Can You See in the Dark? Part II”

Yesterday, I went to two online events that inspired the poem below. First, my friend Yasmine invited me to a Nichiren Buddhism conference and then I attended Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative’s black/water: The Digital Ceremony. As you know, sound, wordplay and etymology are part of my spiritual and poetic practice, so watching both, certain words […]

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The M(N)STRY: Time Camp Poems

During the past two Sundays, I participated in Black Quantum Futurism’s Time Camp 004 and it was a deeply rich experience that I will continue to reflect on going into the future. In the meantime, here are four poems that I wrote during some of the workshops: (Above image credit: Space-Time Collapse I – BQF Collective) […]

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The M(N)STRY: The Legacy of Black Arkives

Etymology of Legacy: late 14c., legacie, “body of persons sent on a mission,” from Medieval Latin legatia, from Latin legatus“ambassador, envoy, deputy,” noun use of past participle of legare “send with a commission, appoint as deputy, appoint by a last will” (see legate). Can the archive be our arsenal and the archivist our warrior in this current war on memory and information? […]

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The M(N)STRY: The Arkive

The Arch. The Ark. The Archive. The Arcane. The Archon. The Architect. The Archangel. The ArchAndroid. The Chief Holder of a Culture’s Knowledge for Future Recollection. The Cybernetic Helms(wo)man of the Ship Sailing to a New Horizon. Last weekend, I attended Summoning the Archive at NYU. Attending it inspired me to think of the “archive” […]

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