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Sherese (Reese) Francis


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Submission Guidelines:

*Accepting essays, reviews, stories and other creative writing, poetry, visual art, music, videos (preferably uploaded to a video distributor website), fashion photos (clothing, jewelry, etc.) and other creative items exploring intersections between African Diasporic cultures and speculative fiction, science, technology, mythology, and spirituality/spiritual systems, or looking through the lens of afrofuturism, afrosurrealism, and the ethnogothic.

*I am also interested in the same submissions above representing cultures of other people of color.

*Any submitter will retain all the rights to their work. Their work can be previously published and you are allowed to publish elsewhere.

*I am the editor of this blog and I will edit works only for grammar, spelling, and structure, and since I am doing this alone, it may take me a while to respond with feedback, so be patient.

*If interested in being a co-moderator, helping run the other social media platforms, or regular guest writer, contact me with your information, a short biography with credentials, and why and what are you are interested in contributing. It will not be a paying job (maybe in the future).

*Also, accepting review requests for books, music, film, events, and artwork.

*Accepting suggestions for project ideas that you may be interested in working with me to produce.

*You can support the blog by donating at the side panel, too.

Thank you for coming to my blog!


16 thoughts on “Contact and Submissions”

  1. Greetings:

    We really appreciate and enjoyed the videos that we’ve seen. Truly the ancestors have blessed you all, for their spirit is clearly felt and heard. Hopefully you will consider joining us in Africa in December 2012 for the first annual International African Diaspora Human Rights Convention.
    For more information, please feel free to send us an e-mail at
    Hope to hear from you soon and thanks again for the great and power work

    Headquarters of the Original Million Woman March (Philly, PA)

    1. Well, if you want you could send me the work you want posts and I could put it on my blog.

      Other people are the Afrofuturist Affair ( Afrofuturism Scholar (, Black Science Fiction Society ( and Black Sci-fi ( You also look through my blogroll on my page and just search afrofuturism in a search engine. You’ll find plenty of people.

  2. Hi Aker…A friend sent me the link to the blog on Playin’ Mas. Thanks for mentioning about my book and privileged that you could use it. I also noticed that you stated that I taught your Dad at school.Who is your Dad? All the best and take care.


    1. Hi! You’re welcome! My dad is Simon Francis. He also goes by the name Fitzroy and is related to the Bardouilles. And thanks for coming to my blog!

    1. Hello! Sure, I am still interested. I can email you a set of questions for a feature post and you can also send me whatever other information you would like me to know.

  3. Hi, Aker! That should work. You have my email. I’ll wait for you list of questions.

    In addition, thank you for the Like on my Facebook page. If I could reciprocate in any way, please let me know.

  4. I came across a pain that I think was done by a Jamaican artist, C. Anderson. I would like to send you a picture to see if you recognize to work.

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