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Moving on the Wires: News, Posts, New Music

*Wildseeds: The NOLA Octavia Butler Emergent Strategies Collective is presenting Cosmic Belonging: A Conversation on Afrofuturism, Sustainability, and Dreaming Black Into the Future. See more information about it in the picture below.

*John Jennings and Stacey Robinson has released their comic, Kid Code: Channel Zero via Rosarium Publishing. Here is the description of it: “Kid Code: Channel Zero is a rollicking, cosmic, time-traveling adventure, fusing classic hip-hop culture and outlandish sci-fi fantasy in this alternate universe to create the ultimate mash-up.

Everything’s a remix! And Kid Code and his comrades must fight against The Power, who eons ago sampled the first sounds made from the God MC and created the Dark Mix (a version of the universe that was never intended).

Now there’s a race against and for time throughout the universe to assemble The Everlasting Cosmic Mixtape–nine tracks that can re-assemble the God Sample and help set things back on course.

The adventure starts here in Kid Code: Channel Zero.”

*Daily News’ “Run-DMC’s rapper Darryl McDaniels launches new comic book line:” “The newly minted comic company, Darryl Makes Comics, is ready to debut its first novel, ‘DMC’ at New York Comic Con in October. Darryl McDaniels portrays himself as a superhero instead of a rapper in the graphic novels.”

*A Killing in the Sun, a collection of speculative fiction from Africa, was recently released: “It draws from the rich oral culture of the author’s childhood, to tell a wide variety of stories. Some of the stories are set in a futuristic Africa, where technology has transformed everyday life and a dark force rules. Others are set in the present day, with refugee aliens from outer space, ghosts haunting brides and grooms, evil scientists stalking villages, and greedy corporations creating apocalypses. There are murder mysteries, tales of reincarnation and of the walking dead, and alternative worlds whose themes any reader will identify with. This collection is deftly crafted, running along the thin boundary of speculative and literary genres.”

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MLK: Who His Dreams Were For

This is jazz singer, Jose James’, Martin Luther King, Jr.-inspired song, “The Dreamer:”

“I saw the dreamer raise his hand
Into a world of possibilities”

While today many will try to appropriate and sanitize his image and legacy for their own agendas (looking at you PETA), let us remember that King fought for the freedom of oppressed people all over the world, especially the black communities from which he originated. Hamden Rice on Daily Kos wrote about his legacy, helping black people to confront their fears of daily life living in the South and in general. Not that those fears or dangers have gone completely away, but that we can stand up to them.

Also, let’s be clear, that is what made him dangerous, too, and eventually why he was assassinated. Some can pretend that they love and respect him now, but probably would have been the same people back then who would have jailed him. Do you think they would have agreed so easily with speeches like, “Where Do We Go From Here?,” or “A Time to Break the Silence,” or any of his other later speeches. But some in America want the King stuck in time in 1963 like his perpetual Groundhog’s Day because it is easier to take and appeals to their own desires. But King envisioned a different world than what they had in mind.

Otherworldly Videos: Evolve: The Series + Room 9

Here are two web series, one set in New York, the other in South Africa:

Written and directed by Kia T. Barbee, Evolve: The Series is about a young teenage girl, Donia Reyes, who on her 16th birthday is developing supernatural powers (including “super strength, forcefield, enhanced senses, super agility, telekinetic and telepathic powers“) and her parents are forced to let her know about them earlier than expected. Although Donia doesn’t exactly want these powers, they are something she will have to learn to accept and balance with living a normal teenage life. As someone who grew up in New York, a series about a young black girl with superpowers living in the city excites me already. And it is time to have black girls in lead roles with supernatural abilities. Also, since I like symbolism, I wonder if the series’ logo has a specific meaning, looks like an ouroboros reference. The next episode, “Birthday,” in tomorrow at 7:45pm on their youtube page.

Here’s a post from Barbee about why she created the series.


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Blogging While Brown Recap

Photo: At Blogging While Brown #BWBNYC #FABWB

I learned a lot at my first Blogging While Brown conference, so I wanted to share some of what I learned and have done already:

The opening keynote from Markus Robinson of Interactive One opened my eyes to several new ways to gather traffic and reach out to a large audience. Some of his advice included besides social media sharing and guest blogging were to put your blog in your email signature (which I do), post on Craigslist, answer questions on Quora, post SlideShare presentations and update Wikipedia pages. So far, I have placed my blog in the external links on the afrofuturism page.

Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup was a book frequently mentioned at the conference and Robinson used the lean marketing loop points – acquisition (get viewers to site), activation (join/buy), retention (come back), and referrals (other people join) – and tools to use to help to do it:

For email lists – Mail Chimp or Constant Contactor

For analytics of site – Google Analytics, Segment.Io, Mix Panel, Lucky Orange (real-time), Lead Converter, Optimizely (not free) and Social Crawlytics. Also, Luvvie and Scott mentioned Feedburner

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Blogging While Brown Entry

Program interruption: This is my entry for Blogging While Brown scholarship.

My blog, Futuristically Ancient, has been running for a little over two years. I started blogging a couple of years before that as another way to express myself, since I am not much of a talker. As for this blog, I started it after watching a clip of John Akomfrah’s The Last Angel of History; I thought it did a great job of connecting pasts, presents and futures, which was already one of my interests. Later on, I found out about afrofuturism, reigniting my interest in science fiction and fantasy, and declared that as the focus of my blog.

While this blog started as a side things for fun, I do want to be more serious about how to expand it and connect with others. But I am slightly introverted and shy, as Stacia L. Brown said in her post, so networking is not that easy for someone like me. Blogging While Brown, which will be in my home city this year and would be my first time attending, seems like a great opportunity to meet other bloggers and learn from the more advanced and professional bloggers their tricks and techniques, since I am still somewhat of a newbie.

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Moving on the Wires: Africa Now, Spider Stories, Steamfunk!, Peoples Science…

*Tonight at 6:30pm, live podcast for “African Women and Girl Storytellers in the Digital Age.”

*This weekend at Harlem’s Apollo Theatre, Blitz the Ambassador, Nneka, Freshlyground, The Soil and Lokua Kanza will be performing at Africa Now! I will be there at Saturday’s concert.

* Kickstarter campaign for animated series, Spider Stories, pilot. Here is the synopsis:

Spider Stories follows the tale of Princess Zahara who is thrown into hiding after the royal family is overthrown by a corrupt neighboring kingdom. While traveling with a misfit caravan of merchants she meets a wandering drummer griot who introduces her to the spirit world. Armed with a mystical staff, the fearless princess embarks on quest to reconnect with the spirits, reunite her homeland, and reclaim the throne.

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Modern Griots Interviews: De’ Kridge and The Power In M!O!R!E!

As a writer and entrepreneur, De’ Kridge tells of his inspiring and triumphant story that has led to the formation of his own spiritual mythology and language through his project, “The Power In M!O!R!E!.” Read his story below in my interview with him (Note: read carefully, it may be a lot to take in):

1) Your idea for The Power In M!O!R!E! is compelling. Can you introduce yourself, what you do and how you came to this point in your life?

On this intrinsic journey to claiming a purposeful life, over the last seven years, I have anchored most of my motivation to paying homage to my Great-Grandmother—Ma. Ma was THE one consistent affirmation of love, wisdom, spirituality, compassion, and personal accountability in my life. She use to say, “Trust what you think, and what you feel about people.” The additional seeds of Self-Worth-More, Ma deliberately planted in my mind and heart: hope, forgiveness, inspiration, lending, and of course, change—all of which I am still watering daily.

I am De’ Kridge. De, is the easy version. I was born on the island of Trinidad—of the famed twin-island Trinidad & Tobago, known for the Steelpan/Carnival/and more than one Miss World. I am an entrepreneur/writer, with many additional skills.

Rewind: I first came to the US in 1970. I was thirteen years old. Unknowingly, that first passage has become one of those lifesaving gifts from one of my aunts—The Nun – from which I first became inspired to imagine beyond the confines of my physical dystopia.

Fast forward to around my nineteenth year of who am I? I hated my life! Stuck in emotional dystopia: angry, afraid, and full with resentment for feeling ashamed about being born to so little—and my greatest burden then was the taunting shame of my mother’s rejection. I simply wanted to surrender: cross to No Dream and die from the reality of not being inspired. But my futuristic imagination would not pre-play my doom. I remember making a conscious decision to document everything. I have come to describe that moment as a preordained, quantum beginning—an epiphany if you wish.

I have reasoned, that I made a cognitive decision back then: I would not give up and become shattered from the emotional-darkness of childhood ills, and then simply die as one of those people doomed from conception. However, although I had that epiphany, crossing from that place I have named Oblivion to an isolated junction—inspired and alone with a sense of distant certainty—I was indeed “The Applicant” to choose to effect-and/or-attain my dream—my oaath—self-recognition of my firstworth. That reconnecting to my first-worth-faith, or firstfaith if you wish, did not accompany all the emotional intelligence I needed for mastering tasks-to-goals, and goals-to-my-firstworth. No way!

In fact, the necessary-emotional-intelligence I needed would come in drops, as if from a leaking faucet, and I would struggle for years, learning how to effectively use My Motion! My Order! My ability to RiiThink! And my intent to positively Effect!

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