M.G. Recap: The Bag Lady Manifesta

Based on Taja Lindley’s solo healing performance ritual that debuted at La Mama’s SQUIRTS in 2015, “This Ain’t A Eulogy” is drawing parallels between discarded materials and the violent treatment of Black people in the United States. People in the African Diaspora have a long history of repurposing, remixing, and transforming oppressive systems into valuable cultural […]

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Modern Griots Interviews: Aisha Cousins and Brer Rabbit The Opera

On Thursday and Friday, Brooklyn-based artist Aisha Cousins will present her work-in-progress, Brer Rabbit The Opera: A Funky Meditation On Gentrification, at BRIC House Ballroom as part of their Fireworks residency program. Directed by Letitia Guillory, and in collaboration with Greg Tate and Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber, the production follows “…a black middle aged cool […]

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Modern Griots Reviews: Mahogany Browne and the Mythic Poetics of Redbone

“Children born in this desert are always thirsty.” This is a line from poet Mahogany L. Browne’s Poetic Theater Productions and The Wild Project presented production, Redbone: A Biomythography. The Eboni Hogan-directed, hour-long show descends into the depths of the relationship between Browne’s parents for Browne to better understand them and herself, and to highlight […]

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Obeah Playlist

To end my Caribbean focus for the past few weeks and to show support for the re-premiere of the Canada show Obeah Opera (hopefully one day it will go international), here is an Obeah playlist. Enjoy! Exuma – “Obeah Man” Nina Simone – “Obeah Woman” “Scratch” Lee Perry – “Obeah Room” Mighty Shadow – “Obeah” […]

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Otherworldly Videos: Root Shock

What is the opposite of future shock? Is it root shock? This is the latest performance from artist and dancer Ni’ Ja Whitson. Whitson puts contemporary and postmodern dance and art performance within an African diasporic context. Her work, Root Shock, re-imagines Yoruba diasporic and Orisa storytelling traditions, and explores the relationship between trauma and […]

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Otherworldly Videos: Village

“VILLAGE: An Afrofuturistic Fable” “VILLAGE: An Afrofutiuristic Fable”- “The Children in 2059” From Jos Duncan: This production was conceived as a result of listening to concerns in the African and African American cultural community. In a time when digital technology is dominating our world and political, financial and justice systems are continually failing, it was […]

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