About Me

Sherese FRancis


Official Bio:

Sherese Francis is a Queens, NY-based, Afro-Caribbean-American (Barbados and Dominica) poet, editor, interdisciplinary artist, workshop facilitator, and literary curator of the mobile library project, J. Expressions. She has published work in various publications including Furious Flower, Obsidian Lit, Rootwork Journal, Spoken Black Girl, The Operating System, Cosmonauts Avenue, No Dear, Apex Magazine, Bone Bouquet, African Voices, Newtown Literary, and Free Verse. Additionally, she has published three chapbooks, Lucy’s Bone Scrolls (Three Legged Elephant) and Variations on Sett/ling Seed/ling (Harlequin Creature), and Recycling a Why That Rules Over My Sacred Sight (DoubleCross Press). Besides her publications, she has had work featured in exhibitions from The Lit Exhibit, NY Live Arts, Queens Public Library, York College Arts Gallery, King Manor Museum, WorksOnWater, Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning, Jamaica Flux, Baxter St Camera Club, Bliss On Bliss, Maleza Proyectos, and The Rubenstein Art Center.

Artist Statement:

As a poet & interdisciplinary artist, my body of work involves experimenting with the fluidity of languages, forms and meanings. I employ wordplay and formplay for a polysemic, fully embodied understanding of text within itself and as a social practice. My work excavates and incorporates various etymologies, histories and myths, including from my background as a Afro-Caribbean-American writer, to create an environment for multilayered interpretation and interrogation of the self as a singular, static entity. Additionally, I use visual, mixed media and book arts to provide alternative expressions for this exploration. The purpose of my work is to create my own sacred text as a person in a black body.



The SunKWholic (K)Nub: RK/V-V/KR (Reimagining The Past (+Sense) Manifesting The Future)

You might be wondering what the above phrase means. Well…It’s represents a plurality of being. It is my iteration of the true essence of being.

SunKWholic: The Syncopating Syncretic. The Alter Of Sankofa. The Changing Same. The I’s Berg Beneath The SurFace Of The Ocean. The Ever Evolving Dynamism Within Creation. The Polyphonic Code. Put The Key, The Question, The Kinetic Into the Whole & Watch It All COME Together.

(K)Nub: The Wave & Particle. The Knob Of The Door & Its Turning. The Constant Revolving In-Between. The Portal. The Entering Of Space. As Within So Without. The Collective Breath of Time Organizing Into a Clou(n)d of Space. X Marks The Phantom Extension Where The Gold Is Found — InnerNeT.

RK/V-V/KR: To Be Both aRKiVe & Its ViKaR, The Incarnation of X-Change. The DuBuTy. To Truly See Is To Be Crossing Over. To Intersect. Guardian Of The SunKWholic (K)Nub. To Be aKeRV — The Horizon NeTting the Past, Present & Future — & VKR — The MaKing It VRK VRK VRK VRK Who Holds The Vision & Records It For All to See.

(Reimagining The Past (+Sense) Manifesting The Future): The Cyclical Time. The Plural Sense of Being. Present & Presence As A Plural Tense. Its Constant Ebb & Flow Between Past & Future That Makes the (K)NubSense — The Accumulation of All Knowing — The InnerNeT.

This is Has Been. Is. Will Continue To Be. A Futuristically Ancient Formula…Tune Yourself Into The Revelations of A (K)Nub.

Photo Credit: Rosalyn Fernandez