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Otherworldly Videos: The Alien Project + The Vacuum Is Too Loud

Here are two videos I watched from New York’s Channel 13’s Reel 13 film showcase and competition:

Catron Booker’s The Alien Project: “Alien imaginings? Alien times?Alien futures? Alien lives matter. An Afro-Futurist vision of resistance.”

Gus Péwé‘s The Vacuum Is Too Loud: “The story of a man who finds himself lost on Earth, determined to return home.”


Otherworldly Videos: “Back to Life” – Flying Lotus and Sena Dagadu

Directed by Hiro Murai., this is the latest video for “Never Catch Me,” from Flying Lotus’ upcoming album, You’re Dead, featuring rapper Kendrick Lamar.

Directed by King Luu and shot in Ghana, this is Sena Dagadu and Wanlov Kobolor from FOKN Bois’ music video for “Pass It On” off of Dagadu’s Lots Of Trees album

Otherworldly Videos: Trip Into the Underworld – Kode-9 & The Spaceape and Okmalumkoolkat

Kode-9 & The Spaceape’s “The Devil Is a Liar” from the upcoming EP, The Killing Season. This EP covers themes of confronting illness, the unknown, and “things not being what they seem or appear to be.” In the video, Spaceape (Stephen Gordon) is clearly dressed like Baron Samedi (Hatian Voudou loa of death), one of the influences for the look of the video. Read more in the interview about the video and EP on The Fader.

Okmalukoolkat of Future Mfana latest video “Allblackblackkat,” a  “hyper-surreal take on a Zulu cleansing ceremony performed on a male member of the family before funerals, a ritual which Okmalumkoolkat himself experienced as a child.” He describes his persona as “future concepts in the now…Like Zulu sci-fi but it’s also all about highlights. Most things that are edited out of our known history, from his point of view of course.” (Source: Okay Africa and OA2). This is from his latest EP, Holy Oxygen I.

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Otherworldly Videos: The Spirit in Music – Vaudou Game + Ibeyi

Vaudou (Voudou, Voodoo, Vodun, etc.) and Yoruba Orisha religions have spread all over the world despite efforts to quiet it and here are two musical acts who incorporate the spirituality from the various variations, related and descended religions, like Santeria, Lucumi, or Candomble into their work. First is Vaudou Game’s “Pas Contente” video and their genre of Vodun Funk. “The band of six is led by Peter Solo, a singer and composer born in Aného- Glidji, Togo, birthplace of the Guin tribe and home to voodoo culture…Solo formed Vaudou Game in Lyon, France, with the vision of codifying the musical scales that are found in sacred songs of Beninese and Togolese vodun music. The terms “vadou” and “voodoo,” which come from the word “vodun,” refer to spirit and name a blended culture of voodoo practices from different West African ethnicities. Translating tradition into modern instrumentation, Solo states that he composed Apiafo based on the two main musical scales of voodoo tradition.” His album, Apiafo will be released September 22nd. (Source: Okay Africa)

Next is Ibeyi, a French Afro-Cuban duo of twin sisters, Naomi and Lisa-Kaindé Díaz, whose music is described as “Yoruba Doom Soul,” mixing electronic, hip-hop and blues music with spiritual themes from Yoruba folk songs. Their debut EP, Oya, which references the Orisha goddess of wind and storms, has songs like “River,” a dedication to the Orisha of rivers and love, Oshun. Read their Okay Africa feature.


Otherworldly Videos: Ase + Dantago (The Icarus Project) Trailers

Nappy Nation Media presents Ase, an African historical fantasy short film and TV series concept. Shot on location in Nigeria, it is “set in the ancient West African kingdom of Oyo, and is about three ordinary teens on a seemingly ordinary day who have a not-so-ordinary supernatural encounter with a dark and evil spirit known as Elemoso.

This short film is a brief introduction to the concept for a one-hour epic television series we are developing based on the same setting and primary characters. Artists from all over Nigeria and America united to bring this story to life, in celebration of the beauty, complexity, and history of African people.”

Take a look at the behind the scenes interview:

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Otherworldly Videos: Busdriver’s ‘Colonize the Moon’

Rapper Busdriver along with Pegasus Warning presents the video for “Colonize the Moon.” If you can get through his fast rapping style, which might be fueling his faster-than-the-speed of light acceleration through space, you will hear a song filled with head-spinning stream of consciousness as he lists off various social commentaries about living on the moon. All of this while he spews out what looks like tape as if he is a human record machine gone haywire.

“Colonize the Moon” is from the album, Perfect Hair, which will be released September, 8 2014.

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Otherworldly Videos: Janelle Monae + Georgia Anne Muldrow

Enjoy the latest videos from Janelle Monae where she has her own Greek sorority party and includes some well-known music artists in “Electric Lady,” and Georgia Anne Muldrow initiates you into another level of knowledge with “Dimensions.”