Publications and Editorial Work


“SAME Nobody” in Obsidian Literary 46.2

Pele (Variations on a Sun Hero) in Armstrong Literary

“How Can You See in the Dark? (EnTalechy of a Diasporic Misfit)” in Spoken Black Girl Magazine Issue 3: Diaspora

“SumNuh/Mbulist (Patois Possession)” in Volume 35 of The Caribbean Writer

Poem Received The Vincent Cooper Literary Prize

“An/d De Wata Breaks SomeOne Serious” in Sand Journal Issue 22: “Archaeology of Water and Air”

“SAMO ’12: You Are What You Eat” and “Trans/Script of Black/Nuss: A Coding in the Hood” in Inverted Syntax

“Cymande (How Dove Found Land Again through Ex/Communication)” and “Can I Be/a Queen in ConVerse (KU Comes Out of the Beak of Sé/Mwen)” for PREE Lit Issue 6: Rub-A-Dub-Dub

Keisha-Gaye Anderson Art

“She Who Is the Image of God” Mer Vox Folio. Mom Egg Review.


To Be Gifted & Talented & BLack (Arkology from the Last Angels of History)” from Root Work Journal’s Issue “Convening in the Ark: Black & Sacred Sites of Revelation

“What Is a Black Poem?” from Issue 11 “BlackArtistChallenge of Culture Push’s PUSH/PULL Journal


“SeMutOnge” and “Wave Theory ([K]not Seeing God Through the Shadows)” in Underwater New York’s Governor island Un-Earthed Issue

“N(R)TR: A Ghost In the Machine” — Spilt Milk (Poetry Society of NY)


“The Voyage of Kianda” —Furious Flower Anthology (February 2020)


“Diasporic End/Beginning” and “B.A.G. Lady (Black Ark Goddess)” — Obsidian Literature & Arts 45.1 (February 2020)


“The Electric Impulse: The Legba Circuit in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man” (Essay) — The Black Speculative Arts Movement: Black Futurity, Art+Design (November 2019)


“When the Phantom Strangles Liberty’s Chimera”- Cosmonauts Avenue


“Black Mother Dada” — Pierian Literary Journal’s Issue: Dream’s Giddy Sound In Honor of Gwendolyn Brooks (50th Anniversary of Publication)

Anthology 1

“Naming Ceremony III: Free Lady Creole” and “Blood Is Thicker Than Water ∞ Blood of the Covenant Is Thicker Than the Water of the Womb” La Pluma Y La Tinta 2018 New Voices Anthology


“On the Shoreness of Dominica” — No Dear Magazine Issue 22


“Liberty Ashes” reading on Soundcloud for Queensbound project

“Celestial Mary (Galilean Daughter)” — Apex

Magazine and Review on Quick Sip Reviews

Mentioned in Article, “Weird as Hell: Falling in Love With Speculative Poetry”

“Moon Flow” and “Andromeda on the Seashore ∞ Andromeda on the Seahorse” — Newtown Literary. Issue 12 (2018)


“For Veronique (A Bop)” and “Letting Go” — Spoken Black Girl Issue #1


Haiku poems — African Voices Summer 2017 Digital Issue

“The Journey Is Just As Important As the Art (A Prose Poem)” and “Reception In an Odd Place” –Art in Odd Places

“Naming Ceremony” — Bone Bouquet

“Liberty Ashes,” “The Image of God as The Cowardly Lion (How to Act Despite My Fears)” and “41 Cents and a Dream” — Poets of Queens


“Swelling Chants (Kaba)” — Bared: Contemporary Poetry and Art on Bras and Breasts


Books and Chapbooks


Lucy’s Bone Scrolls (Three-Legged Elephant)


Variations on Sett/ling Seed/ling (Harlequin Creature)


Recycling a Why That Rules Over My Sacred Sight from DoubleCross Press

Editor of Culture Push Issue 10

Jam Journal Sampler: Sound and Silence

Editor of Spoken Black Girl

You Better Strut: Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie Walks In Her Truth in Her Latest Collection

“A book that asks questions” — A Talk with Strut Author, Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie

Letting Go by SBG Poetry Editor Sherese Francis

A Triptych of Poems from Safia Jama

Co-Editor of Harlequin Creature’s Social Justice Subscription Chapbook Series


Substitute Teacher Chronicles (Yasmine Lancaster)

gina cover front

Listen, an excerpt from the novel The Volcano-Daughters (Gina Balibrera)


You Almost Home Boy (Robert Gibbons)


Glitter Priestess Recipe Zine by Damali Abrams


Unparallel by Zahura Akter


How to be a Woman According to Prime Time & Social Media & Pop Culture by Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie & Margreet van der Vlies