The My-Stery: The Alien Perspective

Despite this hilarious shallowness of this trailer, The Brother From Another Planet actually presented a number of deep ideas. A few days ago, I watched it, and some of the obvious themes were immigration (“the brother” crash lands on Ellis Island), migration, fugitivity (he is on the run from two white alien bounty hunters and compares himself to the runaway slave in the museum) and racial and cultural otherness (his musical motif sounds like steelpans and one of the Latino characters thinks he is from a Latin American country).

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Art of This World: Adelaide Damoah

Adelaide Damoah began her artwork as a way to help her with her battle with endometriosis. Basing her work on surrealist principles and artists like Frida Kahlo, Damoah expresses her feelings about herself and the world around her through her art. “When I paint, I feel free, I feel transported into another dimension where time does not matter,” Damoah said in her biography. In her haunting and fantastical pieces, Damoah alters or distorts bodily features, whether it is changing the skin color of a subject, emphasizing the gaunt figures of some of today’s models or creating alien-like figures with one eye. In addition to her own artwork, Damoah also interviews other artists in her Art Success series.

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Moving on the Wires: URB ALT, MUV, Mahogany Masquerade, Anthologies, Alien Race Bodies

URB ALT Festival 2012 featuring Leon Ware accompanied by MuthaWit Orchestra*This Saturday, Muthawit Orchestra will be performing with legend Leon Ware at the 7th annual URB ALT Festival at BAMCafe in Brooklyn, New York City. The show starts at 8:00 pm.

*Also, this Saturday, the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute will be presenting a dance event, Moving with MUV in Brooklyn, New York. The event will be a workshop and a previewing of their new work, Calling Names. “Calling Names explores issues of identity, lineage, the journey from personhood to spirithood and the role of ancestors in our personal evolution through life.” To rsvp, click here.

*If you are in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 26th, Balogun Ojetade will be hosting the Mahogany Masquerade, featuring films, a bazaar for shopping, a panel discussion on the Steamfunk Movement and costume prizes. For more information, click on the link above.

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What Is Afrofuturism? Part 14: Greg Tate

Writer, musician, and producer Greg Tate speaks at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center on Sept. 15, 2012 as part of the Contemporary Talks series. Tate reads from his manifesto Kalahari Hopscotch, or Notes Toward a 20 Volume History of Black Science and Afrofuturism followed by a Q&A session which includes him mentioning Storyboard P.

Here is another talk, “Sci-Fi, Afrofuturism and Migration” with Greg Tate and John Akomfrah in Germany.

Modern Griots Reviews: Terence Nance Weekend

via MoCADA

Last weekend, I saw two of Terence Nance‘s films, The Oversimplification of Her Beauty and Triptych, at Urbanworld. It was as if swirling in a void somewhere between reality and fantasy. That is one way I would describe the first of Nance’s introspective and experimental films, The Oversimplification of Her Beauty (previously known as How Would U Feel?). The film extraordinary not only because it details personal experiences of Nance’s own frustrations, awkwardness and hardships in relationships, but also in its imaginative blending of film genres.

The Oversimplification of Her Beauty began in 2006 as a way for Nance to express his feelings for a close friend and then expanded it from there. In the film, the two aspects that catches your attention first are the use of the pause/eject/play VCR player framing of the film and the detached and serious narrator who sounds like he came from an old-school educational film. Balancing them out are the dreamlike and whimsical animation styles that are interspersed in the film. Together they create a more light-hearted touch to what could have been another dramatic relationship movie.

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Moving on the Wires: Guest Posts, Flying Lotus, Tamara Natalie Madden, DJ Spooky…

*I am officially opening up my blog for guest posts. If you want to submit news, music, art, film, literature, essays, etc.  that include afrofuturist and/or afrosurrealist themes, feel free to email me at

*Flying Lotus will be releasing his album, Until the Quiet Comes, on October 1st and 2nd. You can pre-order it here.

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Otherworldly Videos: Web Series

Besides FutureStates and Misadventures of An Awkward Black Girl, these are some other web shows that I recently started watching:

The Silent City: A man tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic New York City.

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