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Modern Griots Reviews: Malik Manifesto

On their bandcamp page, duo Malik Manifesto has the phrase “real is ‘relative,’ truth is ‘absolute.'” The motto appears to be a fitting explanation to Malik Manifesto’s debut, self-titled album.

Consisting of producer Dasman and MC Mike Lamont, aka “Sintex Era,” Malik Manifesto’s album begins with what Lamont calls “the king’s manifest,” a title for that a large entity (ex government, big business), something that can hold and affect all of our multiple realities as mentioned in the “Intro” or like in the album cover. This album stands out due to Dasman’s jazz and soul sampling sound, and Lamont’s laidback, effortless flow and intriguing lyrics that are reminiscent of the golden era of hip-hop, like Erik B and Rakim and De La Soul.

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