Otherworldly Videos: The Afronaut

Directed by Gary Land, Phobos stars Victor Grant and is about a young astronaut trying to find the will to survive after crashing onto a distant planet. Land also directed this Ghede dance video with Russell Ferguson. Christina De Middel‘s video for her photography series, The Afronauts, based on the 1964 pace program started in […]

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Modern Griots: Afronaut Funk with Mike Wird

From 900lb Gorilla Cypher: “Hip-hop Renaissance man, the artist’s artist. Mike Wird is an educator, organizer, entrepreneur, B-boy, DJ, Emcee, Poet, producer, writer, musician, recording artist, natural holistic health advocate and sustainable living practitioner, an organic permaculture gardener, Hip-hop community cultural consultant and spokesperson and community liaison. He is originally from Denver, CO and now […]

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