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StoryCraft: A Stitch In Time

A Stitch in Time by Lee Ann Newsom

Guess what?


I’m on Wattpad! As I continue writing my fantasy novel, I want to keep practicing my story-writing skills, therefore, I will be posting short fiction on there.

My first is called, “A Stitch In Time,” which follows a teenage girl who meets an unexpected guest who lives in her home and discovers that her mother is about give away a sewing machine with special powers, something this new guest also wants. If you like Anansi stories, you might like this one!

Part 1 and Part 2 are up now!


The M(N)STRY: Black Speculative Fiction Is Protest Fiction

51edfd0c935845331d22b290da44e9deI’ll be honest. These past couple of weeks has made writing for me difficult. I was lacking encouragement to keep writing my fantasy novel and wavering back and forth between if being a writer mattered. But attending events like Writers Resist in Queens and reading my own work, reading from Frederick Douglass’ speech “What to a Slave is The Fourth of July,” and listening to the various other writers in the room helped to reinvigorate me.

Oppressive systems and tyrannical leaders gain power off of our silence, our complacency, our acceptance of how it imagines the world should be. Stories have helped to motivate people to keep going when times were dire. To believe in a different possibility of the world. Douglass, an abolitionist who was able to break through the chains of slavery through reading and writing, said that knowledge was the pathway to freedom. His desire to learn to read and write gave him the tools to fight the oppressive institution of slavery and determine a different future for himself. Enslaved people learning to read and write was a threat to the social order of the day. They gave the enslaved tools to question authority and to imagine something else, which is a danger to the status quo.

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Moving on the Wires: This Week’s News and Posts

“Afronauts” by Daniel Kojo Schrade at Goethe Institut Afrofuturism exhibition

*I am planning to a fundraiser in the future to raise money for trademarking my blog name and logo as well as to do merchandising. But in the meantime, please donate at the sidebar. Any amount is appreciated. Thank you!

Check out Chinaka Hodge’s “Black Future Month” posts.

*Raimi Gbadamosi‘s “Afrofuturism as a New Consciousness”

*Seattle’s EMP Museum’s “Fantastic Voyage: Black Presence in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Technology” on February 16. The films featured will be Eyes on the Stars, Black Girls Code, Is That Me?, Odessa, Space Out and Kirikou and the Sorceress.

*”Afrofuturism: Artists on Three Continents Explore ‘Black to the Future'” will be on exhibition the whole month of February at Goethe Institut in Washington.

*Fundraiser for post-production of M. Asli Dukan’s Invisible Universe:

*Fundraiser for THEESatisfaction’s Black Weirdo Party Tour:

*Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes’ short film Danger Word will be showing at the Pan-African film festival on February 13th, 16th and 17th.

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