A Strange Look at Columbus Day….

I was looking for something different to post for this Columbus Day and while searching, I came across a number of “interesting” views of Columbus. For many, including myself, we look at Christopher Columbus as someone who exploited and dehumanized indigenous populations for his personal benefit and is credited with, although technically he did not, […]

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Thoughts on Columbus Day….

Burning Spear– Christopher Columbus Is a Damned Blasted Liar… My dad, who is from Dominica, has always sung that song to me when we discuss Christopher Columbus. It is amazing to him how someone can discover somewhere that was already inhabited by people. This man had a huge effect on history, but not as the […]

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Here are some satirical, political cartoons because one way to get history through people’s heads, or at least make them think, is through art and a little bit of dark humor:

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