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Modern Griots Review: Pegasus Warning’s “Woof Ticket”

The songs on Pegasus Warning’s latest EP, Woof Ticket, has a yearning to them. Just like the title of the first track “Acoustic,” his voice and the music desire a sensual, acoustic feel, but the electronic format of the music simultaneously dismembers and distorts singer, Guillermo E. Brown, taking him away from it. Like double consciousness or as if shapeshifting within the songs, you can feel the struggling oscillation between the electric machinery and the soul in it. An electronic blues or as described here: ” the computer dies in a fit of glitches, it makes one final sputtering glorious sound.” Just listen to “Try So Hard” or “Mountain.”

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Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth: Limbo by Edward Kamau Brathwaite

Will you make it to the other side?

It’s amazing how many aspects of my culture and other cultures, too, are either hidden or diluted. One, for example, is the limbo dance that originated in Trinidad and Tobago. For many, it is only a fun dance game in which you try to pass under a long horizontal stick while bending over backwards and each time you pass the stick is lowered. But the dance has a deeper meaning as the video above mentions. It is similar to W.E.B. Du Bois’ concept of double consciousness or afrofuturism’s exploration of hybridity, that unstable feeling of in-betweenness. Edward Kamau Brathwaite, who is from my mother’s home island of Barbados, captures the essence of the limbo feeling during the transatlantic trip. For more on limbo, here is Wilson Harris’ “History, Fable and Myth,” in which he discusses the limbo, anansi and Hatian Vodun as phantom limbs — attempts to reconstruct a dismembered god — as well as act as gateways to the new world.

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