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Moving on the Wires: Colored Girls Hustle Hard Mixtape and Afro Aliens Video Premiere

After watching their Colored Girls Hustle videos, I wanted to give special highlight to these two women and artists, Taja Lindley and Jessica Valoris  and their Colored Girls Hustle artistic creations, including jewelry, poetry and music. I am definitely attracted to their positive message and mission of self-affirmation and self-expression for women of color, whether through physical adornment of jewelry, through their creative and world-building passions or uplifting other women.

Currently they are fundraising on Indiegogo for their Colored Girls Hustle Hard mixtape. Also, on Wednesday at the Caribbean (yay!) restaurant, Dee and Ricky’s, in Brooklyn, they will premiere the first single video for “Afro Aliens” (some of the behind the scenes you can see at the end of the campaign video). Here is their headline for the event:

“Afro Aliens call us weird. Traveled through the galaxy and we landed here. Xigga.

Brooklyn is a planet and we’ve landed.

Break the boxes of normalcy. Embrace your quirky, weird, queer, alien, extraterrestrial selves and come through to our “Afro Aliens” video premiere event. Peep the event on Facebook.”

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Modern Griots Spotlight: Crown Royalties

Picture This artwork immediately caught my eye on facebook. I liked the blend between ancient wise queen and futuristic superwoman looks (and one of my favorite colors is purple). Created by comic book artist Luis Guerrero, the artwork is for the jewelry and organic body and skin product company, Crown Royalties, of Amonyet Enterprises.

Amonyet Enterprises’ founder Maia Williams is also an event coordinator, hosts cooking ciphers, and is an executive assistant for Motor City Black Age of Comics. Motor City Black Age of Comics provides a space comics and graphic novels done by people of color in Detroit.