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M.G. Reviews: Black Panther + Brown Girl Begins + S0.CI3.TY (SPOILERS!)

Black Superheroes + Black Leadership + The Responsibility of Building Societies in World-Changing Times

black-panther-1280x720-cast-marvel-comics-2018-4k-10763Last week I had the privilege to see three films — of course, Black Panther, Canadian filmmaker Sharon Lewis’ Brown Girl Begins inspired by Nalo Hopkinson’s book, Brown Girl in the Ring, and Martinique-based filmmaker Khris Burton’s S0.CI3.TY.

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Modern Griots Review: Zetwal (Twinkl)

Inside the Maysles cinema

Can poetry be fuel for a spaceship? One man, Robert Saint-Rose, from the Caribbean island of Martinique believed so. The inspiring documentary film, Zetwal, which means “stars,” or “twinkl” from the film, in creole, follows the journey of the Caribbean folk hero who builds a spaceship in 1974 on a mission to be the first Frenchman in space and tried to power it with the words of poet Aime Cesaire.

Directed by Gilles Elie-Dit-Cosaque, Maysles Institute, screened the film on Monday, which was presented by curator Adrienne Edwards. Before the showing was the premiere of animator Evan Turk‘s film, Roots (click link to watch). His film, with wood grain-styled digital animation and Madou Djembe‘s drumming, shows the transatlantic connection between coffins and burial ritual in West Africa and enslaved Africans in New York. The film was inspired by his visit to the African Burial Ground in Manhattan, New York.

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