“Space:Queens” – Damali “The Glitter Priestess” Abrams

  Hello! Welcome back to my Astro-Caribbean series with a double dose of Space:Queens for you! Last week, I had artist Shervone Neckles and now I present to you Damali Abrams! Damali is a talented visual artist, writer and herbalist, who is using her talents to help to heal the world. Enjoy my interview with […]

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Art of This World: Jill McIntyre

Hey everyone! I am still fundraising for Atlantic Impact’s Abroad for a Cause Challenge in which the organization is inviting two bloggers to travel with them to Barbados this summer. Atlantic Impact is an organization that helps at risk youth by giving them opportunities to travel abroad. Please donate and/or share; I have until June […]

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Magical Creatures

For my first December post, here are some drawings of black mystical and magical creatures: Pixel Randomness by Little Merokochan The Nameless Lady by Zardra Pulled Back by Kira the Artist In Her Eyes There Is Beauty by Ebony-Chan Black Panther by Kira the Artist Unknown Mermaids From No Good Habits Jennifer the Little Mermaid […]

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Aqua Incognita

“Could it be possible for humans to breath underwater? A fetus in its mother’s womb is certainly alive in an aquatic environment… During the greatest holocaust the world has ever known, pregnant America-bound African slaves were thrown overboard by the thousands during labour for being sick and disruptive cargo. Is it possible that they could […]

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