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…An Album By Its Cover: Superconductor

Andy Allo‘s album, Superconductor, will be released on November 20th and so, in the meantime, here is my analysis of the album cover. The triangle either within or interlocking with a circle symbol is a common image in alchemy and many religions. The symbol has numerous meanings including spiritual sight, higher knowledge, the unity of the trinity of God, the divine union of the body, mind and spirit, masculine and feminine, or universe, the symbol for protection and power, and the totality of wisdom. Some modern images that are based on it are the dollar bill with the cornerstone of the pyramid inside the circle of the sun, the Paramount logo of the mount within the circle of stars, and Alcoholics Anonymous logo.

The image inside the triangle is often an eye (ex. Eye of Horus) or the sun. However, in Allo’s cover, the middle image is that of a two-pronged object resembling either a tuning fork or an electric plug, fitting for a musician. Erykah Badu , one of Allo’s inspirations, is known for having tuning forks on her album covers and in her performances. Badu’s use of the forks represent tuning or plugging oneself to the universal spirit, frequencies, vibrations or higher consciousness, linking back to the meanings of the symbol. Additionally, the title of Allo’s album is not only musical, but also a type of conductor in quantum physics that prevents the loss of energy due to resistance in an electrical system, which she mentions in this interview.

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