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“Space:Queens” — Damali Abrams and Dennis RedMoon Darkeem at First Fridays

Happy New Year everyone!

I’m back with a few surprises!

First up is my first official Futuristically Ancient video that I edited, featuring artists Damali Abrams and Dennis RedMoon Darkeem presenting their work JCAL’s First Friday’s in Jamaica, Queens. As we go forth in a new year and with the disturbing atmosphere surrounding us right now due to the upcoming inauguration, cabinet picks, the confirmation hearings, and ethics of it all, I hope these visionary artists can give you a few words of encouragement and upliftment. As Damali said, “if we can’t begin to imagine something outside of tragedy, then we will never be able to create any new realties for ourselves.” I believe both Damali’s and Dennis’s work encapsulate what I’d like to call “scarab imaginations” of what is possible and how to make creative use of pain or waste.


Damali Abrams and Dennis RedMoon Darkeem from Futuristically Ancient on Vimeo.


Afrofuturism’s Stranger Blues (via Nuñez Daughter)

Here is another post from Nuñez Daughter connecting the song “Stranger Blues” from “Sweet Honey in the Rock” to the feeling of being an “alien” in Afrofuturism and science fiction, and the alienation that oppressed people of the world feel everyday. Also, please help support these ladies in their efforts to go to Detroit for the Allied Media Conference.

Afrofuturism's Stranger Blues …I woke up this morning And I put on my walkin’ shoes I’m goin’ down the road Cause I got them walkin’ blues I’m just a stranger here I’m just a stranger there I’m just a stranger everywhere Sometimes I know that … Read More

via Nuñez Daughter