It’s Been Done Before

I was reading a post on Afropunk about Tyler the Creator from the group OddFuture and came across this comment CompoundEgret made in response to calling Tyler the second coming of a charismatic artist to change the industry. He said, “Not really the second coming. Maybe the third, fourth, or fifth. Please check the Horrorcore entry. Like my Dad used to say: “Like who you like, but don’t think they’re the first people that did it.” I agree completely with that last statement. As I grow older, I am less and less interested in putting artists and celebrities on pedestals and worshipping the ground they walk on. I like them, I respect them and I will give them their due praise in putting their own personal perspective on things, but what they do is completely new. We live in a “cult of personality” culture where we are fixated on being absolutely original and new; we do not want to be anything like before, but in actuality we are not. The ability to situate them in relation to those who came before, humanizes those people for me because as it has been done in the past in another form, it will probably be done in the future in another form.

As for the Barenaked Ladies’ song above, it has nothing to do with this post, except for the title, but it is catchy as hell!

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