Modern Griots: Blk Jks

This will be a new segment in my blog where I highlight artists, musicians, filmmakers, etc. who blend together influences from the past and present to create new, even futuristic, stories. The first post is of the South African rock band, Blk Jks (pronounced Black Jacks). Besides performing with Alicia Keys at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, they were also labeled the “African TV on the Radio.” These guys do have a lot of potential. This band’s sound defies definition because of their fusion of several styles – rock, traditional South African music (ex. kwaito), reggae, ska, jazz, blues and much more. Also, the band’s album title for its 2009 release, “After Robots,” adds to its afro-futuristic and somewhat alienish character (not mention the album was released a few weeks after the controversial sci-fi movie District 9 came to theaters).

Check out their blog, “What If You Were 40,000 Years Old?” and listen to some of their songs below:

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