The New Black Imagination!

Rob Fields, creator of the black music blog Bold As Love, is planning for the first Festival of the New Black Imagination in Brooklyn, New York on Oct. 15 and needs your support. This is the description of the festival:

Our Story

The Festival of the New Black Imagination is about the future of black culture. It’s a forward-looking showcase for the great creativity emanating from the arts, culture, media and business that’s helping to expand  notions of blackness in the 21st century.

The format’s simple: During the day on October 15, there will be conversations, panels and discussions.  At night, there will be an afterparty featuring performances by some of the leading voices in progressive, black alternative music.

The Impact

Your support will help ensure that this celebratory, provocative and inspirational event actually happens.  Right now, there are no corporate sponsors to defray the cost of event production. But that hasn’t stopped us from assembling a variety of voices and perspectives from people in the black creative community who are pushing culture forward.  In their explorations of the complexities and nuances of life today, we see examples of new ways to live, think and be. We want to give people the inspiration to be agents of cultural change.  And we’ll do this by providing a platform for those who are already thinking about–and creating–what’s next in global black culture.”

So far, the festival will be at two venues in Brooklyn, Long Island University and Water Street Lounge, with more than 14 speakers and a a few performers for the after party. If you want to support, either donate or help spread the word about this event and visit the websites!

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