The Original 7ven, originally The Time, is back with their first single, “Trendin’.” Including members Morris Day, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Jellybean Johnson, Monte Moir, Jesse Johnson and Jerome Benton, this group became popular in Prince’s film “Purple Rain.” Two of its members, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, became well-known producers for artists like Janet Jackson. Twenty-one years after their last album, they have returned with a new album Condensate.

While the song is somewhat of a novelty and a little corny, the group taking advantage of the popularity of twitter, the coolness they exude quickly trumps any of that. And with Morris Day’s ego (I say that in the best possible way) and the group’s signature funky style, the song fits them perfectly. It is 80s funk meeting the new millennium digital age. By the way, tomorrow on the Centric channel will be The Original 7ven’s takeover weekend starting at 10am!

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