Modern Griots Spotlight: “Soul Krops Presents: The Promised Land”

Rapper Kenny’s Myth released last week his new mixtape, “Soul Krops Presents: The Promised Land.” Sampling several sources, including afrobeat music, the album mixes afrofuturism and holistic spirituality. This is the description of the album:

The Promised Land is the overstanding that every man is ONE and thus we are all created perfectly. Standing on certainty we exert out purpose to BE. Superseding Good & Evil, Bad & Good, Right & Wrong and all separate states of mind. Refraining from outward searches of tangible treasures and searching inward for the intangible treasures inside. Let your Spirit be your guide.

Kenny’s Myth caught my ear not only because of his thought-provoking lyrics, but also his rhythmic interplay with the beats, especially in songs like “SoulKropper,” “The Promised Land,” “Gumbo,” and “Progress.”

3 thoughts on “Modern Griots Spotlight: “Soul Krops Presents: The Promised Land”

  1. Thanks for the drop, Reese…never heard of Kenny before….good vibes, good vibe…

    side note: Black Short Film “Moth” by Hilton Carter
    ….saw this on H.B.O. last year: HOT PIECE, loved it..


    1. I found out about Kenny only a few months ago; I’m trying to get his name out because he’s good. Thanks for the links, I liked the moth film a lot and hilton carter seems pretty interesting. I will check the enter the void film during my break.

  2. One More movie: ENTER THE VOID by Gaspar Noe, visually mind blowing movie….it’s been on YOUTUBE for just one week and will be deleted soon, so watch it while you can. Not a Black themed film; however this is Filmmaking futurism at work…visuals are incredible. Oh, and if you’re seen the visual at the beginning of Kanye West’s video “All of the Lights”, director Hype Williams jacked the idea from Gaspar, it’s all good …it’s art. If you have time, peep it:

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