Seven Books for Kwanzaa and Haitian Independence

Yesterday was the last day of Kwanzaa, so I wanted my first post of the new year to be a video from the Mobile HomeComing Project and Charis Books & More, called “Queer Black Intergenerational BookLUST!” Each book is connected to a principle and a day of Kwanzaa. These poetry books look interesting; I really want to read them.

Also, yesterday was Haiti’s Independence Day and here are some videos in honor of the Haitian Revolution in 1804. Some ways in which you can contribute to the rebuilding of Haiti and the uplifting of Haitian people are available at I Am Haiti ScarvesDoctors Without Borders and Carmen Mojica’s therapy work, These Waters Run Deep.

Charles MiHaitingus- “Haitian Fight Song”

Lecture on the Haitian Revolution Part 1

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