Otherworldly Videos: The Haunting of Sound

As I work on my honors thesis about percussive and body politics of black music, specifically in hip-hop, the focus of my paper is forming as how sound in black culture has been used as a subversive tactic. Both James W. Perkinson’s Shamanism, Racism, and Hip Hop Culture: Essays on White Supremacy and Black Subversion and Avery Gordon’s Ghostly Matters: Haunting and the Sociological Imagination have suggested how sound in black culture is used to fight erasure, a way to haunt the dominant group, and as a shamanic healing tool for “alchelmic” transformation (percussion in cultural rituals of religions like voodoo). Around the same time, I came across these two videos that in my opinion exemplify the “magical power” of sound.

Martnana Roberts‘s Mississippi Moonchile

Miatta Kawinzi‘s “Urbn Majik”: “An examination of mysticism in contemporary urban space; an illumination of the need to shed external forces & conjure flight.”

Also, here is a post on sound healing in several ancient cultures.

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