Moving on the Wires: Ladies First

If you are in New York and happen to be free tomorrow, the Brecht forum is presenting an art exhibition called “Ladies First: Our Expansion in Consciousness.” The exhibition will be curated by the Groundfloor Collective (Sophia Dawson, Lehna Huie, Casey Johanna, Alexandria Lust). It is a celebration of black female expression with a spiritual dance ceremony. Carmen Mojica of Ayiti Resurrect will also be performing at the event. Read the description below and sign up here.

The “Ladies First 2012″ art exhibition at the Brecht Forum explores the ideas of the past and present: recognizing the iconic imagery of the Black femininity, while realizing the possibilities through ideas of Afrofuturism. During these trying times socially and economically, we hold the conversation of agency and colonialism when discussing our most recent attempts to “occupy” back our self respect and dignity. 

The second annual “Ladies First” art exhibition is a continued celebration of Black female expression, bridging together to collective works of video art, performance, visual arts, workshops, panels, and film screenings. This is a time to acknowledge the Black women’s historical struggles and triumphs, while engaging a critical lens on our withstanding stereotypical visions of womanhood in our society.

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