Shout Out

Giving a shout out to one of my supporters, “Mr. Thumblewaddle.” Check out his Project Dystopia page on youtube and these two films that he introduced to me: Hilton Carter‘s Moth, which stars Heaven Murphy, is about a visually beautiful film about an actress who finds herself drowning from her heartbreak and drug abuse. Gaspar […]

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Rewind: Idle Warship

For some reason, I cannot stop listening to the mixtape Party Robots from Idle Warship. I might be a little obsessed. The alternative, futuristic group at the time consisted of rapper Talib Kweli and singers Res and Graph Nobel from Canada. By the way, Idle Warship released their latest album, sans Ms. Nobel, called Habits […]

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Modern Griots: Saidah Baba Talibah

Saidah Baba Talibah is as awe-inspiring as her name. The Canadian artist, described as ” Living Color-meets-Erykah Badu,” recently released her debut LP, (S)Cream. Including songs like “Scream” and “So Cool,” the album is a mix between soul, psychedelic funk and rock. Talibah’s album also combines those influences with musical and community experiences from her […]

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Moving on the Wires: Ladies First

If you are in New York and happen to be free tomorrow, the Brecht forum is presenting an art exhibition called “Ladies First: Our Expansion in Consciousness.” The exhibition will be curated by the Groundfloor Collective (Sophia Dawson, Lehna Huie, Casey Johanna, Alexandria Lust). It is a celebration of black female expression with a spiritual […]

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Otherworldly Videos: Adorn

Singer Miguel released a new song, called “Adorn” from his upcoming album Art Dealer Chic: Vol. 1. A beautiful song and video! I love how the video incorporates the painting. Already some are accusing Miguel of being gay because of the video. Seriously! First, stop implying that homosexuality is wrong and implying that there are […]

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Modern Griots: It’s All About the Benjamins Baby

Banneker, that is. The areas of science, engineering, technology and mathematics have been colonized for the past few centuries. Media and other institutions often highlight white inventors, scientists, mathematicians and engineers, but neglect the people of color who have made significant contributions to these areas pre-, during and after slavery and colonialism. Although Benjamin Banneker […]

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Art of This World

Here is a list of various futuristic artists: 1) Ibrahim Baaith is a Philadelphian model (Model City) and artist, who has featured his work in Brooklyn Art and Afropunk festivals. Baaith uses political themes in his artwork. “PrisonPlanet” 2) Adisa Abeba, who is also known as Olga Lolo, is a Russian visual artist and musician […]

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