Modern Griots: Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier, A Visual Mythologist

From her website:

“I teach but mostly I make journeys. Sometimes I am a photographer;  sometimes a painter, writer, historian, documentarian, bohemian artist. But most times, I am all of the above.

I am inspired by the magic that occurs when one goes looking for ancestors–those unmapped spaces that are realized on front porches, at kitchen tables, in public archives, and on pages of old photographic albums tucked away in quiet corners. Ahhhh, the Joy of the Journey!

Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier is a visual mythologist, memory keeper, and instructor at Emory University. She is guided by the idea of the journey, unmapped spaces and the magic that occurs when one goes looking for history and ancestors. Her visual repertoire mythologizes and re-imagines historical incidences (especially those that are informed by race, gender, and stereotypes) using photography, painting, oral histories and primary source documents. She uses these sources to tell the stories of the people in communities that she encounters. Through the Journey Projects she focuses on toural communities (rural agricultural communities that rely on and/or are developing tourism), urban enclaves, and indigenous communities. In many instances, culturally significant connections are revealed and spiritual connections are made.

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