Moving on the Wires: Bard Exhibition

Donna Huanca's "King and Queen"

Curator Andrew Rebatta sent me information on the Sunday opening of exhibitions at Bard College. He and six other student curators will be presenting their exhibitions. If you live near Bard and want to attend, this is the website for more information and directions. Here is Rebatta’s thesis exhibition:

Donna Huanca

“The myth is neither bad nor good, its potentials are unlimited”

curated by Andrew Rebatta

Donna Huanca’s sonic installation examines the psychological effects
of diaspora, as informed by Andean material culture from Latin
America’s southern cone and a personal lens of genetic memory. With
sounds set to cardinal points around the space, cosmic tones and
“sampled memories” circulate the gallery. Troubling the familiarity of
its frame, they also reflect the psychic states of Huanca’s
investigatory travels in the Andes. Commissioned as a contribution to
the unrealized sound department of the El Saturn Cosmic Research
Center, Huanca tests the consciousness-building potential of her
sound-based artistic practice, through an encounter between
Afrofuturist myths and the gallery context. Her research connects
ancient Andean mythologies, colonial legacies of control and cultural
syncretism, and the politics of ethnographic display, proposing an
interpretive space between multiple contested narratives.

April 29th – May 27th 2012

Center for Curatorial Studies, Hessel Museum of Art, Bard College,
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

Donna Huanca (b. 1980, Chicago, IL, lives and works in Berlin and
Mexico City) creates large-scale installations using discarded
materials, in particular clothing, shoes, and fabrics. Her
installations create platforms that are performative in nature,
oscillating between the aesthetics of ritual arrangements and
ethnographic museum display. Huanca received her BFA in Painting from
the University of Houston (2004), studied at Städelschule, Frankfurt,
Germany, with Mark Leckey and Tobias Rehberger (2009-10), and was most
recently awarded a Fulbright Scholarship (2012) to Mexico City.

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