Otherworldy Videos: I Am Other

From Kiss My Black Ads

Pharrell Williams always seems to have something cooking, so it should come as no surprise that the renaissance man has launched an uplifting video for his media venture, i am OTHER. Seen as way more than merely a record label, and instead a cultural movement of sorts, i am OTHER welcomes “thinkers, innovators and outcasts.” Presented with a slightly sci-fi twist, Williams is clear in his mission: to make “others” and the idea of thinking independently a much more mainstream ethos than merely following trends that have already been presented.

Although I think this is an interesting concept and they are already supporting shows like “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl,” this trailer is somewhat disappointing. Basically, I see no one who looks like me. Even if they are there, the camera never does a close-up on them. Once again as a Black woman, I feel invisible. To me the people in the video are mainstream others, the others who get more attention, while the less marketable others are not there. Also, looking at some of the videos on the account, I don’t see it as being as revolutionary as it appears to be yet. But maybe I am just over-analyzing it too much and need to wait and see.

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