Modern Griots Review: Tunde Olaniran and Phon.O’s Sleepless Nights…

“Night is where my story unfolds,” Tunde Olaniran sings leaving behind a heartbroken loved one in his latest single in collaboration with techno DJ and producer Phon.O. “Leave A Light On” is from Phon.O’s recently released Black Boulder album, which features mostly instrumentals with the exception of two songs.

This particular song is striking because of its contrasts. Not only does Olaniran sing in the lyrics as a person torn between loves, but also the music conveys those feelings. Olaniran’s soft and mellow tenor is countered by the hard hitting beats of Phon.O’s production, and not in a way that is noticeably distracting or overshadowing Olaniran.

Even in the instrumental itself are balanced contrasts between the keyboard, strings and drum sounds. The instrumental stops and continues in the right moments to emphasize Olaniran’s voice, such as in the chorus. The only part that takes away a bit from the song is the loud knock sound heard throughout it, but it is not enough to diminish the other aspects of the song.

Yet, overall, this track meshes well seemingly different styles and sounds of these two artists. So, leave the light on this one.

Read my interview with Tunde Olaniran that I did a while ago and take a look at the video below by Lewis Lloyd.

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