Moving on the Wires: Afrofuturism and Beyond

Cherie Ann Turpin, assistant professor of English at the University of the District of Columbia and blogger of Afrofuturism Scholar, recently premiered her radio show, At the Edge: An Afrofuturism Salon on Blog Talk Radio. The first episode was with Afroerotik owner, Scottie Lowe (be careful, not safe for work and kids).

BBC recently did a documentary on science fiction in Africa, Is Science Fiction Coming to Africa? (I did not like the name either, Tambay). South African author Lauren Beukes hosts, and interviews include Wanuri Kahiu of Pumzi, Jonathan Dotse of AfroCyberPunk, and author Nnedi Okorafor, whose book Who Fears Death will be adapted to screen.

The Museum of Comtemporary African Diaspora Arts (MoCADA) in Brooklyn is hosting an exhibition called, Afrofuturism: Imagining Tomorrow. Running until July 29th, the exhibition features work from students from seven Brooklyn schools who took part in MoCADA’s Artists-in-Schools Program and answered the question, “What is Afrofuturism.” Take a look at the other exhibits as well.
If you are in Philadelphia on Saturday, The Afrofuturist Affair and Charlyn Magdaline are hosting an event, Wine, Spirit & Mind: An Evening of Exploration and Examination of The Inner and Outer Reaches of the Multiverse. They will discuss ancient and new age spiritual practices of astrology, astronomy, metaphysics and mythology. The Afrofuturist Affair will also announce their web launch.

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