Modern Griots: Kim Hill


She describes herself as “the angel who wears her halo as a belt.” Kim Hill is a singer-songwriter who makes her own rules. Hill has been around since the 90s, working with the Black Eyed Peas, Tupac, Jane’s Addiction, Les Nubians and Mos Def. Although she was signed to Interscope Records in 1998, she was later dropped because her music supposedly “wasn’t black enough.” But Hill pushed forward on her own, releasing three albums. The first was Surrender to Her Sunflower in 2000 and Suga Hill followed soon after. Her last album was Pharaoh’s Daughter in which several of her songs, like “Disney”, “Hollywood” and “Mockingbird,” criticized the superficiality of the music industry. Now Hill spins records as a DJ and will be releasing songs as part of an upcoming project with DJ Dummy. The first single is “Other Worldly” in which Hill continues in her brand of spacey vintage soul. Listen to the song here.

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