Modern Griots Review: Ed Franco’s Extended Recess

I have heard of “rebel without a cause,” “rebel with a cause” and countless other variants of the phrase, but when I heard Ed Franco’s single, “Rebel with a Pebble,” I immediately wanted to know the thought behind this one. As part of his latest EP, Extended Recess Vol. 0, Franco’s words are a call for mental, social and political knowledge change much llke the alchemist with his philosopher’s stone.

For example, in the next song, “Underground Train Of Thought (Testify),” which samples Common’s “Testify,” speaks about how our society is hypocritical in its beliefs, such as focusing more on abortions that fixing many of its problems, like the prison industrial system and corrupt system of capitalism and exploitation. He continues his criticism of capitalism, consumerism, and corporation in “His Own(Ed) Land” and “Livin’ In a La.”

The final song, “Push It Along (Reject)” sums up the EP and its title. Franco details growing up in the school system, already known for its misunderstandings, harsh disciplining and criminalizing treatment of young black boys, and wanting to break out of the boundaries of formal education to be a student and teacher of life.

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