Art of This World: Adelaide Damoah

Adelaide Damoah began her artwork as a way to help her with her battle with endometriosis. Basing her work on surrealist principles and artists like Frida Kahlo, Damoah expresses her feelings about herself and the world around her through her art. “When I paint, I feel free, I feel transported into another dimension where time does not matter,” Damoah said in her biography. In her haunting and fantastical pieces, Damoah alters or distorts bodily features, whether it is changing the skin color of a subject, emphasizing the gaunt figures of some of today’s models or creating alien-like figures with one eye. In addition to her own artwork, Damoah also interviews other artists in her Art Success series.

“Love and Lust”
“Diana” (Princess Diana as a Black woman) from Black Brits Collection

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