Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth: My Poetry

For Black Poetry Day, I will celebrate by doing the first post of my own poetry. Here is a poem I wrote for my friend who has to deal with the deaths of a a friend and a family member this year:

“Papa Ghede” in Haitian Vodou By Rob Wolf

Turn, Turn, Turn

Death visits us all

But for some it comes

Sooner, lurking at corners

For the moment to jump into

The continuous turn

Of the revolving door

Pushed forward by its

Invisible force, we are unable

To push back, only to

Look through the clear glass

At years now behind.

Death –

A catalytic constant

Whirling around

In a swirling cup of time

Tearing apart compounded

Memories and the only

Reaction is to find a way to

Let go after being consumed

With grief and altered into

Another phase where life

That once mattered is

Physically gone.

Death, I am to live

Wrung in your grip

Left to re-member as if

Clay mangled on a potter’s

Wheel, wrapping my arms

Around myself, pretending

That it is the return of love

To pull myself together

My spirit spinning as I

continue here waiting for

My turn to come.

© Copyright Futuristically Ancient 2012

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