Moving on the Wires: Kindle, Raw Space, CCCADI, A Is for Anansi, Kindred Reading Series

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Here is some places and upcoming events to head to in New York City:

*ImageNation, who is one of the major supporters of Middle of Nowhere film, opened a gallery in Harlem, Raw Space for art and events. Currently they have the Middle of Nowhere exhibit, which features artwork inspired by the film; the exhibition closes on the 21st, so if you have time, go see it.

Roots and Stars Series: Oya and Anyanwu

*On the 24th, CCCADI will be presenting the return of their Roots and Stars series with the event, Oya and Anyanwu. Roots and Stars’ purpose is “illuminating Black spiritual genius and exploring the soul of the Black world.” Oya priest Isoke Nia, artist Sabine Blaizin, and writer Ibi Zoboi will explore the Oya characteristics in anansi_image.jpgOctavia Butler’s works. The event will take place at the Schomburg Center. For more information, click here.

* Last week, I was invited to this event, A Is For Anansi: Literature for Children of African Descent Conference, at NYU. This year’s theme is “Africa, the Future, and the Urban Landscape.” It will take place November 9th and 10th, which will be a nice event to go to after the election. For more information and to RSVP, click here.

*If you have not heard of it already, K. Tempest Bradford hosts the Kindred Reading Series in New York City, which presents literary events and readings for speculative writers of color. The next reading will be November 28th, featuring writers Linda Addison and Alaya Dawn Johnson.

2 thoughts on “Moving on the Wires: Kindle, Raw Space, CCCADI, A Is for Anansi, Kindred Reading Series

  1. This is so cool that the Oya characteristics are being discussed in Octavia Butler’s works. I was drawn to the book covers of “Parable of Sowers” and “Parable of Talents” because they covers could be used as representations of Oya.

    1. I know; it show how much we are still connected to our past and traditions, and infuse it into our own. I never realized that about the covers; I am going to take a look at them.

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