Otherworldly Videos: Afrogalactic Postcards

This series is from National Black Programming Consortium and features actor Alem Sapp:

This work is a series of video podcasts in which the receiver ‘intercepts’ 60 second messages from ‘travelers’ either trying to find their way home or trying to run as far away as they can, but always hoping to maintain a connection with those they’ve left behind, or those they seek. These postcards express the pathos and longing of homesick travelers alienated from both the place they come from and the places to which they travel. They are communications of love and frustration. They are instructions and signs.

This reminds me of stories about people who are terminally ill and decide to create videos of themselves to give messages to loved ones they are leaving behind. It reflects how media of any kind is larger than life in their ability to travel time and space to speak beyond the grave or distance between people.

“Black Hole”

“Elastic Soul”

“Other Side”

2 thoughts on “Otherworldly Videos: Afrogalactic Postcards

  1. Loved this post- I totally didn’t know about nbpc.com at all! I especially liked the “Other side” because it sorta reminded my of Yoruba metaphyscis and perspectives. It was kinda like a contemplation of aye and orun. Thanks for sharing again!

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