Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth: My Poetry 2

I wrote this poem a few weeks ago, but after I read Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray yesterday, I revised it:

Yinka Shonibare – “Dorian Gray” Series

In my detached,

Disordered room

Stands two mirrors

On a brown wooden

Dresser – veiled shadows

in this chest,  a frame

gilded in stripes and flowers –

I see myself in one’s echoed

visage, at times in the other

But never together. Are they

The severed portions of my being

Yinka Shonibare – “Dorian Gray” Series

One a representation of a suspension

In time, the other its brutal passing

At a distance, they look like eyes

Staring back with cartooned ovals

Reflecting, in slanted angles

A room enclosing itself

In its pupils, an open window

and the fading screen of far sight,

Sometimes I wonder

If they have secrets for me,

Like wanting me to step into

Them and see another world.


© Copyright Futuristically Ancient 2012

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