Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth: My Poetry 3

John Jennings – “AFRO BLUE…an inter-dimensional diva who wades throughout the Milky Way and ‘whips her hair’ to the rhythm of the cosmos.”

The Sound From Silence 

Its cry shouts out as if birthed,
like the breaking of light from darkness,
demanding to be heard, the universe,
in search of itself, singing us into existence
Vibrations pouring themselves into ears,
waiting  for the sounds to burst from mouths and hips
and hands and feet, it sings body’s self into being,
electrified by the swaying of strings, tuned winds,
the sensation of skin in a beat and a stroke
Resonating anatomies in harmonies with themselves,
moving through the universe in time and space,
like lovers after a time of absence
in a ritual of ecstasy, spirit and matter
formed as one, we sing back in response.

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