Art of This World: Nathan Jalani Taylor

After creating a list of items that I found on Zazzle, one of the shops that stood out to me was Nathan Jalani Taylor’s, so here is my spotlight on him. I was immediately drawn to his art; it had a Alex Grey vibe to it. His artworks reminds me of church stain-glass windows with a kind of supernatural glow in them.

More Nathan Jalani Taylor videos below:

From Rockford, Illinois, Taylor first started out as a published cartoonist with his comic strip Jalani. At Iowa State University, where he majored in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, he co-founded The Black Renaissance Movement and Uhuru Magazine. He has been featured in and designed artwork, including live paintings, for several magazines, music artists, books, and well-known personalities. Some examples are Essence Magazine, Elle Magazine, 4hero, Janelle Monae, Kelly Price, Jon B., Messiah, Glenn Lewis, and Iyanla Vanzant.

Other notable works he he has done were Richard Iton‘s In Search of the Black Fantastic: Politics and Popular Culture in the Post-Civil Rights Era. and reggae percussionist Larry McDonald‘s Drumquestra. He has produced several solo exhibitions, including To Find Your Truth (C.O.I. Studios, Brooklyn, Spring 2002), Free Mind Soul Power (Greeley Gallery, NYC, Spring 2003), ReBirth (Cranberry Storefront, Brooklyn Heights, Summer 2006), World Of The Unknown and Spiritual Journey (Creative Pier, NYC 2009), Re:Born (Avram Eisen Gallery) and Native Son (Octane Inter Lounge, Rockford 2010). For more information and to see more of his work, go to his blog here.

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