Modern Griots Reviews: Juice Aleem

(warning for epilepsy!)

Remember E.T. with Elliot riding the bike into the sky; that was the first thought I had reading UK rapper Juice Aleem‘s title “MoorKaba Light Bikes” on his EP featuring three versions of this song and “Anumal.” That sense of theatrics and spectacle as well as a theme of elevating oneself are throughout both songs. Aleem sounds like he is physically speeding through sonic space with his sci-fi lyrics, including Star Wars references, and social commentary and operatic-sounding chorus in Roots Manuva-produced “MoorKaba Light Bikes.” He slows it down a bit, gives a rougher, trap-style, horror-film feel in the complementary “Anumal,” but still brings the social commentary (“get the slave man’s boot out you consumer ass”). The Ebu Blackitude and Kashmere the Iguana Man remixes and the a capella versions are just as good as the originals showing Aleem’s strength of his flow and lyrical content. If you enjoy this EP, keep a look out for his forthcoming album, VooduStarchild.

Buy from Itunes. Also, watch his earlier video, “Wicked Scientist and him in the short film, The Fitz-Cayman Experiment:

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