The My-Stery: Top Reasons I Want to Go to Blogging While Brown

Brief break from regular programming:

Last year, I went to Blogging While Brown conference and I learned a lot. In fact, I am still learning a lot from the conference, following their facebook and twitter. So since the conference will be in New York City again on June 27th-28th, I will definitely like to go again.

1) To be re-inspired: There are times when writers and bloggers feel less motivated to continue blogging. Conferences like this give us a chance to meet and see other writers and bloggers who understand what you go through, form new connections, and get new inspiration for posts and how to build up your blog.

2) A refresher course: Since I am relatively new to blogging on my specific blog platform and all the tools and information related to blogging, it is easy to forget that information between the times of the conference, coming up with posts and doing other activities of daily life. The conference is a good way to remind me of all that information as well as learn new information.

3) The panel discussions and presentations: The panels and presentations were great last year and I took away a lot from them. This year will have the “Pitch Perfect” presentation on how to pitch your blog to others, “How to Get Invited to Speak at Conferences,” “Girls Compete Women Cooperate: How to Use Bloggers in Your Niche to Build a Network,” “Learn to Code 101,” “The New ABCs of Growing Your Business,”  “Social Currency,””How to Form Kickass Collaborations to Boost Your Web Traffic & Increase Your Social Media Following,” and “Six Ways to Make Six Figures From Blogging Without Ad Revenue.” Based on the titles alone, I know they will be worth attending.

4) The diversity and community of bloggers: There are beauty bloggers, political bloggers, tech bloggers, book bloggers, entertainment bloggers, art and culture bloggers, education bloggers and the list goes on and on. No matter what your niche is there is chance to meet someone whose work is similar to yours and even meet other people outside of your niche who could have an influence in your work or connect to another group. As Curtis Johnson from the NAACP said, “At BWB, I was in the presence of 200 men and women of varying shades, backgrounds and interests, all of whom recognize the power of their voice and possess the vision to make sure it is heard. In that sense, the common thread between these individuals runs much deeper than their self-identity as bloggers of color. They comprise a network, a community – and a powerful one at that.”

5) Possible special surprises: Last year, we were treated to seeing the film about Oscar Grant, Fruitvale Station. But in addition to that, there were great products I received from the conference and were able to put into good use. I’m appreciative of introduction to new brands and products and this is a space where that can happen. So with that and the others reasons above, I look forward to the conference.

Below is a video from previous conference panel, “Blogs and Brands” and the highlight reel from last year’s conference:

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