Otherworldly Videos: The Alien Project + The Vacuum Is Too Loud

Here are two videos I watched from New York’s Channel 13’s Reel 13 film showcase and competition:

Catron Booker’s The Alien Project: “Alien imaginings? Alien times?Alien futures? Alien lives matter. An Afro-Futurist vision of resistance.”


Gus Péwé‘s The Vacuum Is Too Loud: “The story of a man who finds himself lost on Earth, determined to return home.”


3 thoughts on “Otherworldly Videos: The Alien Project + The Vacuum Is Too Loud

    1. Thank you for following my blog! And thanks for your film — I like how you used different environmental contexts that both contrasts and weaves with the “alienness” of the characters.

  1. Thank you for posting my work ! I have been following your blog for quite sometime! Your work is truly an invaluable contribution to the field of Afrofuturism!

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